Our Community Partners

Members of the Greater Wilmington Radio Association work with charitable, service and other nonprofit organizations to help inform the community about their upcoming fundraising events, food and clothing drives, special exhibitions, and other activities.


Read below what these community partners are saying about radio:

From Meg Marcozzi, Marketing Manager, Hagley Museum and Library:


Radio helps create a sense of community in Delaware.  It informs people about events and programs; it provides weather and traffic updates; and it reports on local news and builds community pride.  Hagley Museum and Library has benefited from local radio stations through ticket give-aways, on-location promotions, public service announcements, interviews, DJ mentions and sponsorships.







From Schlonn Hawkins, former External Affairs Coordinator, YWCA Delaware:


View our short video, above, to see how radio supports YWCA Delaware.




From Larry Henderson, Executive Director, Independent Resources Inc.:


Radio's support of the annual Disability Ball brought our largest attendance in seven years.  Thanks to public service announcements, Web site calendars and interviews by stations' talk show hosts, we not only increased our attendance, but better educated the public about the disabled community in Delaware.