Radio Advertising Bureau

                 Re-Launches Advertiser Channel

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) has unveiled a new and expanded version of devoted specifically to the needs of advertising agencies and their clients.


The "For Advertisers" section is dedicated to helping current and potentially new radio advertisers understand the unique and powerful nature of the medium.


Across the redesigned pages, advertisers and agency visitors will be greeted with a new Interactive menu, as well as links to pages focusing on Radio Facts, demographic groups such as Millennials, creative tools and tips, and recent RAB Case Studies.


Instant Backgrounds, a highly-regarded RAB resources tool, will also be available for site visitors who are looking for capsule overviews of specific business categories.


"Our member response team continues to field calls from first-time radio advertisers looking for a Radio 101 tutorial. This redesigned section of is an answer to those questions," noted Jeff Haley, president and CEO of the Radio Advertising Bureau.


"The beauty of this site is that it allows advertisers and their agencies to gain the knowledge and research to create their specific media plans. But it also assists our member stations in acquiring a better understanding of the advertising landscape, and will help prepare them for their clients' needs."


While full access to this new section of requires registration, it's free to advertisers and agencies seeking more information about the brand-building power of radio.