GWRA Sponsors Educational Event

                              For Local Business Leaders

More than 150 businessmen and women attended "How To Be Effective With Your Advertising Dollars," a free seminar sponsored by the Greater Wilmington Radio Association (GWRA).


Independent marketing expert Paul Weyland, right, helped these local businesses determine whether the money they're spending on advertising is truly efficient or effective.


The event was held at White Clay Creek Country Club in Newark, Delaware.


Weyland is a specialist in modern marketing and branding, the difference between good and bad advertising, and how to calculate the return on investment on advertising.


Attendees learned about the latest − proven − approaches to successful advertising in every medium.


For example, Weyland told the group to avoid clichés in advertising copy.


Phrases such as "family-owned and operated," "red hot sizzling summer sale," "we treat our customers right," etc., are over-used, he said.


Advertisers need to cut through the clutter, he said, and differentiate themselves from the rest.


Weyland cited an auto repair shop that loaned cars to customers while work was being done.


Rather than emphasize the fact that the shop had a large and inviting waiting room, complimentary coffee and was

family-owned and operated for 25 years, he recommended that the shop promote its loaner program.


It worked, and the new advertising campaign drove lots of new business to the shop.


Paul Weyland started his career in 1978 as an on-air personality in Austin, Tex.


After receiving his degree in Journalism from The University of Texas, he worked as a newsperson at KVET/KASE radio station.


In 1995 Weyland began to teach Media Sales at The University of Texas. In the summer of 1997, Weyland accepted a two-year overseas assignment to manage and train European broadcasters in Prague, Geneva and London.


In February of 2000, he started his company, Paul Weyland Communication Strategies.