Reach over 1 million area consumers
with the power of radio and interactive media


Greater Wilmington Radio Association (GWRA)

P.O. Box 9530

Wilmington, DE




(302) 765-3571


Antitrust Policy

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On Your Radio. . .


92% of all Americans listen

to radio each week!

Wilmington radio stations

give you the reach you need

to effectively promote your business.

On Your Mobile Device. . .


33% of Americans with cellphones said they recalled seeing mobile advertising (among those with iPhones, the figure climbed to 41%). One-third of those who recalled getting such ads said they "responded in some way," with the most common form of response being to call a toll-free number included in the message.

On Your Computer. . .


42 million Americans

listen to radio

on the Internet each month.

Internet listeners are able

to respond immediately

to special offers they hear

on the radio.

Contact a GWRA member to learn

how radio can increase your business


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